Monday, August 2, 2010

More Exceptions

Here are (what I hope are) the last three exceptions to my future prohibition against buying new things.  First, and I will mention this quickly and just move on, undergarments.

Second, buying new things that are on sale.  I don't have much luck with sales, for a number of reasons.  It is the rare store that tries to keep its sales stock tidy and organized throughout the day.  I hate picking through stock that has been picked through by hundreds before me at the best of times, but when the stock that I have to pick through is just a mountain of unfolded crumpled-up clothing, frankly, I just don't have the wherewithal to look for that jewel.  If that weren't enough, I am a popular size in most clothing, so when the sales finally arrive, I rarely have anything to choose from.  With some clothing, I can buy on the larger side of the sizes, but this isn't with too much clothing.  So, at the end of the day, I don't buy much on sale.  Sad, I know, but that's how it goes.

Third, buying new things on holidays.  If I stay in the city for a holiday, shopping is definitely one of my favourite things to do on a holiday.  Obviously shopping doesn't have to entail buying, but I will admit that I rarely go shopping without the intention of buying something.

I think that brings me to nine exceptions to the prohibition against buying new things.  A lot, I know.

I am excited about some dress rehearsals that I did today.  I fell in love with two of the outfits that I rehearsed.  It is taking everything that I have not to include photos of the two outfits in this post.  At first I thought that I would include photos of the two outfits in this post, because I am so unlikely to ever have occasion to wear either of the two outfits.  But then I thought about the outfit that I wore this past Saturday.  When I dress rehearsed that outfit I didn't think that I would ever wear it out, but I did.  So maybe, just maybe, there will be occasion to wear the two outfits that I tried out today.  I would rather include photos of those outfits in the posts that I make on the days on which I do wear them, than on the days on which I just dress rehearse them.  So I will wait.  Maybe at the end of the year, I will do a special post of dress rehearsed outfits that never saw the light of day.

sweater: H&M
tank: Gap, from my closet
shorts: Old Navy, from my closet
belt: Gap, from my accessories collection
socks: ?, from my sock drawer
boots: army surplus store, from my closet

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