Thursday, November 18, 2010


A while ago, I wrote about two items of clothing from JCrew that I was coveting.  One of these was a black jacket with white piping.  The second was a grey shawl collar grandpa cardigan with contrast tipping.  The jacket I gave up coveting almost immediately, when I found a lower priced alternative.  The cardigan I forgot about until recently, when it showed up on a blogger whose blog I read.  Then I started coveting it again.  Lucky for me, shortly thereafter, the cardigan went on sale and I decided to make one my own.  Almost immediately thereafter, the cardigan popped up on another blog that I read.  Popular cardigan obviously!  Last night, the cardigan arrived.  Unfortunately, I wasn't feeling all that great last night, so I couldn't be quite as overjoyed at its arrival as, in good health, I would have been.  All the same, it was removed from its packaging and, because I was feeling cold and in need of a cosy sweater at the time, I put it on ... and kept it on all night long.  My first thought on the cardigan was how thick it was.  "This is really nice," I thought.  It was very comforting, I must say, especially since I was feeling crummy.

I was still feeling crummy when I woke up this morning and every inch of me just wanted to stay in bed.  But I couldn't stay in bed, so up I got.  I should probably have worn something a bit more comfortable, but my head was hurting too much and I was feeling too foggy to do anything other than reach for what I had planned (some days ago) on wearing today.

A rare occurrence:  I am wearing head to toe old H&M.  Mostly.  The exceptions are my scarf, my gloves, which are old by Nine West, and my boots, which are by Fluevog.

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