Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Don't Like It

Two back to back days of "dressing up" (as I define "dressing up") have settled it:  I do not particularly like "dressing up", which means I am happy that I have a job that doesn't require daily "dressing up".

I think that I have an affinity for jackets with voluminous collars.  I love them ... except when I have to figure out how to get a coat overtop of them.  Most of these jackets are Fall/Winter jackets, which leaves me questioning for whom these jackets were intended.  These jackets were obviously not created to be worn under coats, which means they were not created for those of us who live in places where a coat is a necessity in late Fall and Winter (and most of Spring, for that matter) and who walk, cycle or take public transit everywhere.  Are these elitist jackets, created for those who can go from doorstep to car to doorstep?  I find that hard to believe, largely because I am not sure that if I were in a position to go from doorstep to car to doorstep I would be wearing these particular jackets (perhaps similar ones but definitely not the ones that I own).  So what is it with these jackets?  Or, perhaps, the real question is:  Why do I keep acquiring and wearing such jackets?

In case you are wondering, today's outfit is not the outfit that miraculously came to me Tuesday evening, when I realized that Wednesday's planned outfit wasn't going to work and I decided to wear Thursday's planned outfit on Wednesday, leaving Thursday without a planned outfit.  Last night, when I tried on the proposed outfit, for reasons that I have now forgotten (I think it had something to do with the stiffness of the boots that I would be wearing with the outfit), I just couldn't go through with wearing the outfit.  So I came up with another outfit for Thursday, the one you see here.  I am not sure that I am 100 percent behind it, but I didn't really have any other ideas at the time (or this morning).

I am wearing an old jacket and skirt by Zara, a flannel blouse from Urban Outfitters with an old scarf as a bow, a coat by H&M, an old scarf and old gloves by Kenneth Cole Reaction.  My tights are old by Roots and my boots are by Fluevog.

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