Monday, November 22, 2010

Please Santa, Stay A Little Longer

There was a ten degree difference in the temperature between yesterday and today.  They (the people on the radio station that I wake up to) said that this was due to Santa dropping by for a visit yesterday.  He brought with him some cold from the North Pole when he came and then took it away with him when he left.  I guess carrying the cold with him helps him (not to mention his entourage, reindeer and all) to acclimate to all the different places he has to visit on his "tour".  Oh Santa, could you not have stayed a little longer?  I really liked your cold!

Today, I wore one of my favourite Winter coats.  I do not dislike the colour of the coat, but it isn't the colour that makes it a favourite.  It is its boxy shape, its dropped shoulders and, yes, its colour, all combined, that make it a favourite.  The coat comes from H&M (no surprises there) and was first introduced in a Spring version (yes, I have that version).  The Winter version followed, first in the bright turquoise then in a much more subdued black.  I bought it when it was only available in the bright turquoise.  It may come as a surprise, given my proclivity for buying one in every colour, that I didn't also buy the black version, but I didn't.  Somehow the black version just didn't do it for me like the bright turquoise one did.

I am wearing an old jersey blouse from Lands End with an old silver pin, an old knit dress from H&M, an old sweater vest from H&M, old leggings from Lululemon, an old coat from H&M, an old scarf and old gloves by Nine West.  My socks are old by Hue and my boots are by Fluevog.

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