Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vintage? Really?

So, yesterday, I was perusing the latest edition of H&M's magazine when I happened across the words "vintage H&M", in reference to some jewellery that a model was wearing in one of the editorials.  Vintage H&M? Really? Has H&M been around long enough for some of its stuff to be labelled vintage?  Or, is it that H&M just doesn't want to use the word "old" to describe its "not current" stuff?  If that's the case, I will repeat a question that I asked some time ago, phrased differently:  How young does something have to be before it can't be called "vintage"?  Last season?  One year?

When I first put together the outfit that I wore today, it featured different booties, likely because that was in the "pre-new blue Fluevog boots" days.  I did put the different booties on this morning and was more or less ready to go when I spotted the new blue Fluevog boots, seductively staring at me from their spot on the floor in the foyer.  I then realized that there was some blue in the skirt that I was wearing and, well, that was that, the other booties were off my feet and the new blue Fluevog boots on my feet in a flash.  I did say that I was shameless when it came to the new blue Fluevog boots.

Including tonight, there are three more sleeps until I go to this year's Christmas One of a Kind Show.  I have been incredibly good, I think, not mentioning it every single day for the past month (at least).  I am soooo excited.  I have no idea what to expect and, yet, that is what makes the prospect of going to the show exciting.

I am wearing an old Lands End jersey blouse with an old silver pin, an old wool cardigan from LLBean, a plaid skirt from Old Navy, an old duffle coat from Old Navy, an old scarf and old gloves by Kenneth Cole Reaction.  My tights are old (from I don't know where) and my boots are by Fluevog.

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