Sunday, November 21, 2010

Monkey Paws

I think that I can say, with a great deal of certainty, that I like, no love, sweater dresses.  Maybe it's because they are incredibly comfortable.  Maybe it's because they are incredibly warm (Winter is definitely in the air).  Maybe it's because they are incredibly comfortable and warm.  Really, I don't care why I love sweater dresses.  It's enough for me that I do.

I am not sure why I thought of the phrase "monkey paws" when I put on the cardigan that I wore today (and certainly when I looked at the photos of me wearing the cardigan).  I didn't think of actual monkey paws, just the phrase "monkey paws" ...  and an old Agatha Christie Miss Marple movie, in which a character describes the hands of someone as "monkey paws".  I am not really sure why I am telling this tale.  Clothes do bring to mind (at least to my mind) some strange things sometimes.  On a less bizarre note, I am still loving one of last year's favourite coats.

I am wearing an old sweater dress and cardigan from Zara, old leggings and knit shorts from Lululemon, an old coat from H&M and old gloves by Kenneth Cole Reaction.  I have no idea where I purchased my belt (it is that old). My socks are old by Hue and my boots are by Fluevog.

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