Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Day Ahead

So the outfit that I wore today was actually planned for tomorrow, meaning (obviously) that a different outfit had been intended for today.  Today's intended outfit didn't work out and, luckily, I found out that it wouldn't work out last night.  After I made the discovery, there was a moment of panic: "What on earth am I going to wear tomorrow?!"  Fortunately (for me), I had practised (yoga) that evening, so I was in a zen state of mind and was easily able to figure out the wardrobe dilemma:  "Why, just wear what you were planning on wearing on Thursday and give yourself all day Wednesday to figure out what to wear on Thursday".  Shortly thereafter, I came up with something to wear on Thursday.  Of course, I didn't try out this new Thursday outfit then and there, so I may find myself panicking today just the same.  Ah well.

Today's outfit is very similar to one that I wore about a month ago that was inspired by the twenty-seven names Fall/Winter 2011 collection.  Perhaps it isn't very creative to take an outfit and make several variations of it, but then I am not entirely sure that my goal in putting together outfits is always (or, for that matter, ever) to be creative.  I just want to express and be happy!

I am wearing an old shirt from H&M with an old tie from the Gap, an old jumper dress from H&M and a jacket from the Gap.  My tights are old from Old Navy and my shoes are by Fluevog.  I am wearing an old duffle coat from Old Navy, an old scarf and old gloves by Kenneth Cole Reaction.  My bag is old by Roots.


Anonymous said...

Really cool! though I wouldn't wear it, but on you lloks great and chic! I love your sense of exploration when it comes to clothes, lady, you dare!

wardrobetales said...

I appreciate the honesty! You put a smile on my face. Thank you, thank you, thank you!