Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Any Excuse To Wear The Blue Boots

When I noticed that the dress that I wore today had some blue in it, even if only a little, I immediately decided to pair my new blue Fluevog boots with it.  Yesterday, I was trying to figure out how I could re-style an old olive green dress that I just love.  My answer (admittedly, in part) was to throw on some blue tights and my new blue Fluevog boots.  Why not green and blue!  Really, I am shameless!  It seems I will do practically anything just to wear my new blue Fluevog boots!

I am wearing another old JCrew sweater today.  If I have read the tag properly, this sweater is four years old, part of JCrew's Holiday '06 collection.  Almost every year, around this time, I eagerly await the JCrew Holiday collection, hoping that it will include some nubby, cosy, heavy knit, winter-themed sweater (I would be happy with just one).  I am not sure that JCrew has so rewarded me every year, especially not recently.  But because it used to do so regularly in the early days of my being a JCrew consumer, every year I still hope for that perfect Winter sweater!

I am wearing a dress by Zara with a tie from Urban Outfitters (yes, the "tie, bow, pin at the collar thing" has extended to dresses), an old sweater from JCrew, an old coat by Kensie, an old scarf and old gloves by Nine West.  My tights are old by Mondor, my socks are old from an off-price store and my boots are by Fluevog.

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Lianna Vigil said...

love your books and they look fab on you! What a great fashion sense you have!