Thursday, November 25, 2010

Textured (And Disappointed)

I am not really sure what possessed me to wear the outfit that I wore today.  Right now, I can't even remember whether I had planned to wear today's outfit (read "whether I had given it any amount of thought") or whether the idea to wear today's outfit just came to me.  I don't exactly dislike it, I just don't exactly love it. Something that sticks out for me (in a good way) about the outfit:  its textures, in the jacket, the skirt and the tights.

Today, for the first time this Fall/Winter, I had a "I hate this coat with this outfit" day.  Up until today, things were really going well with my outerwear challenge.  However, I am not going to dwell on today's disappointment.  Tomorrow is a new day.  And I will just keep working at picking out the "right" outerwear.

I am wearing an old blouse from H&M with an old silver pin, an old skirt from H&M and an old jacket by April Cornell.  My tights are old by Hue and my boots are by Fluevog.

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