Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fringe Benefits No Longer

Yesterday, I decided to "cut off" my fringe.  It just occurred to me that it is odd to say that I no longer have bangs, a fringe,  because, of course, with short hair styles, there is always a fringe, of one length or another.  I guess that I don't consider having a short, short fringe as having a fringe.  For me, a fringe isn't a fringe unless it can cover, entirely, one's forehead, and maybe even one's eyes.  So, now that my forehead is exposed (not to mention my eyes), I consider myself as not having a fringe.  What an incredibly long-winded way of saying that I got a haircut!

I must have been in a "shortening" mood yesterday.  Not only did I get my hair cut shorter, I also shortened a skirt.  It's a skirt that I have had for a while.  I don't think that I ever felt "at home" in it.  Yesterday, when I put the skirt on and decided that, because I still didn't feel "at home" in it, it was time to let it go, I wondered whether I might like the skirt more if it were shorter.  So, having nothing to lose -- if I hated the skirt shortened, I wasn't losing a skirt that I wanted to keep anyways -- I shortened the skirt.  When I put on the shortened skirt, I finally felt "at home" in it.  Here is what the skirt looked before it was shortened.

Not bad, I guess.  But as I said, I never felt "at home" in the skirt.

Friday and this weekend presented the first "cold" days leading up to this Winter (by "cold", I mean below zero degrees celsius).  So, on Saturday, I dug out one of my lighter Winter jackets.  I know that some people have already brought out their heavy duty Canada Goose parkas.  But I couldn't do that just yet.  I like to transition into the Winter, as far as Winter coats, jackets and parkas go.  As I see it, if I brought out the Canada Goose parka (or an HBC blanket coat) to deal with temperatures just short of ten degrees below zero celsius, what would I have to wear to deal with temperatures around thirty to forty degrees below zero celsius?

I am wearing a vintage flannel shirt restyled by Urban Renewal from Urban Outfitters with a vintage brooch, a sweater vest by Precocious, a vintage cardigan from Urban Outfitter, a vintage H&M cord skirt altered by me, a vintage JCrew skinny patent belt, leggings by H&M, a vintage Full Circle winter jacket and vintage H&M mitts.  My socks are old from an off-price store and my boots are by Fluevog. I am carrying a vintage H&M handbag.

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