Friday, November 19, 2010

Should I Or Shouldn't I?

Do you ever have dressing days like this?  You wake up and are pretty certain about what you are going to wear that day.  In the midst of getting ready, your eye catches the beginnings of another outfit.  All of a sudden you wonder, "Hmm.  Maybe I should wear that instead."  Then you start teeter tottering between the one outfit and the other.  It turns out to be a 50/50 chance that you will choose one outfit over the other.  Today, I picked the first outfit that I thought about wearing.

I am really working on my outerwear problem, you know, the problem I have of picking outerwear that I believe suits what I am wearing underneath the outerwear.  The approach that I took to the problem was to include the outerwear in my planning.  Whereas previously I would put together an outfit stopping short of the outerwear and leaving outerwear to chance, now, I have started to put together outfits including the outerwear.  So far, so good.  But there is a lot of outerwear weather left to get through.

I am wearing a vintage blouse restyled from Urban Outfitters with an old scarf as a bow, an old wool jumper dress from an off-price store, an old cardigan from Banana Republic, an old coat from H&M and old gloves by Nine West.  My tights are old and my boots are by Fluevog.

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