Sunday, April 29, 2012

looks like i may have always been a size eight shoes

the look:

shirt - old gap
tie - h&m
jumper dress - lands end
pullover - zara
skinny cords - old hue
coat - old kensie
beret - old american apparel
oxfords - old john fluevog

the tale:

believe it or not, minor inconveniences do stop me from clothes shopping. for example, today, part of the metro line in my home city was down, the part that would have taken me directly to a particular designer's shop, one that i have been wanting to check out for about a month now. i could have gotten to the shop taking a somewhat indirect route, but that would have taken more time than the direct route, and i considered the extra time an inconvenience. i hate inconveniences. so i decided to put off visiting the shop to another weekend. it isn't clothes shopping at any and all costs for me.

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