Thursday, May 3, 2012

harlequin top

the look:

dress - old zara
top - from a local arts and crafts import shop
tie - old gap
jacket - old anthropologie
hand warmers - h&m
pants - old lands end
beret - old american apparel
chelsea boots - cydwoq
raincoat - lululemon

the tale:

i am contemplating getting some trippen footwear. the dilemma: i am having a difficult time selecting a style from those that may be available to me. i can pick from sandal styles, a variety of boot styles (tall, mid calf, ankle, zip and lace-up) and a variety of shoe styles (mary-jane, slip-ons and lace-up). then there is the heel style. i am tempted to go for the split platform ones, but i worry about how easy it will be to walk in them. (i should mention that i will be buying them online, so there is no opportunity to try walking in them before committing to them.) then, of course, there is the very real possibility that once i settle on a style, it won't be available in my size. all i know is that i really want at least one pair of trippens in my lifetime.

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