Friday, April 6, 2012

bubbly mood skirt

the look:

dress and coat - old zara
tie and scarf - h&m
pullover - zara
skirt - melow by melissa bolduc
beret - old american apparel
shoes - old cydwoq

the tale:

some of you may have noticed that, in the past couple of months, i have been changing the way i dress.  as usually happens for me with clothes, the changes just crept up on me.  i didn't really consciously plan them or think them through.  one day i just woke up and wanted to wear something different than i had worn in the recent past.  in the past month, as i have becoming more comfortable with my "new look", i have been thinking about my "relationship" with clothes.  i think that i have been having more affairs and flings (and, even, one night stands) with clothes than relationships with clothes.  now, i want relationships.  frivolity and transience has its place.  but i want something that endures and brings more stability into my life.  i think that there have been elements of this endurance and stability in my wardrobe for many years, but not enough and invariably overshadowed by the more transient elements.  i want endurance and stability to come to the fore now and transience to fall by the wayside.  and, on that note, today i wear two pieces of clothing that have been in my wardrobe (in reality and in style) for many years.  these are two of those elements of endurance and stability.  the grey dress and the bubble skirt.  (let me focus on the bubble skirt.  many, i know, loathe the bubble skirt and think that it has seen its time and should be retired.  but, me, i love the bubble skirt and have done so since i acquired my very first one (which, incidentally, i still have).  wearing a bubble skirt brings me much happiness and joy.  so i can't see myself retiring the bubble skirt from my wardrobe any time soon.)

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