Monday, April 16, 2012

off-kilter skirt

the look:

grey dress - old zara
tie, arm warmers and scarf - h&m
black dress and skirt - uo
coat - old kensie
beret - old american apparel
oxfords - old cydwoq

the tale:

i am not sure what it is about sunday nights lately. i have been having the worst sleeps. which means that mondays i am completely off kilter. today i was out of sorts more so than usual. if i had had my way, i would have just shut myself in my house for the day. it would have been better for me and, i think, better for the world. although having been forced to go out into the world in my state, i think that i did land on a different perspective on being anti-social (and i am talking "mild" anti-social, generally limited to no interactions with others): perhaps this is meant as a kindness, by keeping one's surly self to oneself?  Anyhoo ... i must share how awesome this skirt is in a breeze. it flutters in the most amazing, luxurious and feel good way. it definitely improved my mood. i wish that i had had more time to spend outdoors today. my mood would have improved by leaps and bounds instead of just by miniscule amounts.

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