Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a plethora of pleats dress

the look:

shirt and skirt - old gap
tie, hand warmers and scarf - h&m
dress - old h&m
pullover - zara
coat - old kensie
beret - old american apparel
boots - marsell

the tale:

there is one type of shopping -- within the clothing shopping category -- that i simply loathe. and, no, it isn't bathing suit shopping ... but close. given that i loathe this type of shopping, and given that i tend to engage in shopping as a form of therapy, what do you suppose would have driven me to engage in it today when i found myself feeling somewhat down after work. not therapeutic at all.  in fact, it was driving me further into the depths of despair. at which point i spied an h&m on the horizon. has anyone seen that massive ruffled maxi dress that is part of h&m's current conscious collection? if only it had been there in my size. trying it on was therapeutic. how much more therapeutic would it have been had it been there in one size smaller when i definitely would have made it mine? going back to that loathsome type of shopping: what is with all the padding?

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