Wednesday, April 25, 2012

pipe me aboard jacket

the look:

grey dress and brown jumper dress - old zara
tie, arm warmers and scarf - h&m
skirt - old gap
jacket - anthropologie
coat - old kensie
beret - old american apparel
boots - ixos

the tale:

here it is: the latest addition to my ever growing collection of sailor collar jackets. i think that i have already said this, but in case i haven't (or because it bears repeating): this jacket i find particularly charming. remarkably, a couple of months before i acquired the jacket, and even before i had even seen it, i, on a whim, acquired a knee length skirt (on super sale) in the same colour and canvas twill fabric as the jacket. i wasn't looking for the skirt when i happened upon it. i just thought that it was neat (and more so because it was practically a steal). who knew that a few months later, i would, again without looking for it, happen upon a matching jacket. the jacket and skirt do go so perfectly together. once the weather gets a little bit more spring-like, i am going to wear the two together and then their compatability will be apparent. coincidence? or something else? something else i think, for i remember reading somewhere that there are no coincidences.

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