Monday, April 9, 2012

oliver twist pullover (again)

the look:

tshirt - old old navy
pullover - zara
skirt - h&m
leggings - old hue
beanie - roots
raincoat - lululemon
boots - marsell

the tale:

during the long weekend, i went to my favourite local arts and crafts import shop.  it wasn't my original plan.  my original plan was to visit the shop of a designer that i had known about for a while, but, for some reason, had stayed away from.  i was recently reminded of the designer and decided to visit the shop this long weekend.  unfortunately, before setting out, i neglected to check that the shop was still located where i thought that it was.  it turns out the shop is no longer located where i thought that it was located.  when i discovered this, i couldn't discover where it was located (no access to the internet and no phone books to be found in the immediate vicinity of where i was).  having little time to continue my search (i only had a limited amount of time before a pre-arranged evening event), i decided to put off visiting this designer's shop to a future date and to head instead to my favourite local arts and crafts import shop.  the shop owner now knows me and suggests items for me to try on.  she knows me well.  (or, perhaps, we just have the same taste in clothes.)

p.s. i am really enjoying weekend dressing!

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