Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a many layered dress

the look:

grey dress - old zara
brown jumper dress - old anthropologie
cardi - white apple
jacket and skirt - old gap
coat - old kensie
hand warmers and scarf - h&m
boots - ixos

the tale:

no storm yet. it is unseasonably cold -- hence my many layered outfit -- but in no way stormy -- unless you count the occasional rain (and, sometimes, but rarely, snow) shower. i must say that i love layers. these days dressing has been about answering the question: "what else can i put on top of this?" i recently had occasion to peruse the marc by marc jacobs collection for autumn/winter 2012, leading me to ask myself whether i had at some earlier point in the year seen that collection and whether i am currently being unconsciously influenced by it in my dressing. so hard to tell, really.  particularly when one looks at a lot of "fashion stuff". on the other hand, i feel that i have come to the realization that clothes don't matter to me other than in their potential to make me feel good and comfortable in my own skin (funny, huh, donning a second skin to feel good in one's own skin). i feel that this self realization drives the way that i dress. it isn't about how i look -- to others or to myself. it is about how i feel about myself in the clothes. which, i guess, isn't to deny that the fashion world could influence me nonetheless. many layers to this dressing business. at least for me there are.

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