Sunday, April 1, 2012

black rain ... coat

the look:

raincoat - lululemon
turtleneck and vest - old gap
leggings - old hue
hand warmers - h&m
beanie - roots
wellies - hunter

the tale:

the disadvantage to wearing black, i think, is that many people think that you are always wearing the same outfit and have no qualms about remarking on this to you.  small variations count for nothing.  the advantage to wearing black, i think, is that it both simplifies and complicates your clothing life.  this advantage is probably what attracts me to wearing black.  i am very attracted to simplicity.  but complexity satisfies my need for challenge.  the disadvantage to wearing black, well, i can live with it.


Jessica said...

I was just thinking how much variety is still possible, when one wears only black. My sole period of wearing all black all the time was in highschool; in recent years it only happens on a one-off basis, but I am beginning to like the idea of an all-black period. I'm also wondering how long yours will last this time, and how it might end. With a splash or a leak, I wonder?

wardrobetales said...

jessica; i wonder too!