Friday, March 30, 2012

woolly mammoth leggings

the look:

turtleneck - old gap
leggings - old hue
hand warmers - h&m
belt - old uo
beret - old american apparel
vest - old h&m
jacket - old danier
boots - old

the tale:

this evening in my home city we are all on tenterhooks, waiting to see if it will indeed snow as forecast.  if it does snow overnight, it will be messy tomorrow.  tomorrow is supposed to be mild, so there will be lots of slush and puddles.  wellie weather!  you may recall that, once upon a time, i was wellie obsessed.  not so much so nowadays, but they still occupy a special place in my heart.  so not a bad thing if i have to wear wellies tomorrow.  it was chilly today, giving me an opportunity to wear some wool -- woolly leggings and a wool turtleneck.  i have to admit that i have enjoyed the up and downs in temperature that my home city has been experiencing this month, only because of the opportunities to wear some last pure winter outfits ... along with some spring outfits.  variety is indeed the spice of a wardrobe life.

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