Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wild Berries Plaid Dress

Whenever you put something new on (or new old), do you often find yourself saying, "Ooooo!  This is my new favourite (fill in the blank)!"  This morning, immediately after I donned this new vintage dress that I recently got from Clever Nettle (on Etsy), I looked down on it, admiringly, and said, "Ooooo!  This is my new favourite plaid dress!"  A little later, looking down again at the dress, admiringly, I asked myself, "Seriously, how many favourite plaid dresses can you have?"  "Weren't all those other plaid dresses sitting in your closet once upon a time your new favourite plaid dress?"  Then I felt bad for all the plaid dresses in my possession, the new one, that just wants to be loved, and all the worn ones that also just want to be loved and that must have groaned a little when they heard me declare that I had a new favourite.  The truth is:  "I love you all, guys!  Really, I do!"

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