Friday, August 12, 2011

Rushing Waters Jumper Dress

There are clothing stores that I frequent that are hit and miss for me, in terms of quality and staying power of the clothing that I might purchase there.  I bought the jumper dress that I wore today at one such store.  Two things about the jumper dress drew me to it:  It was plaid (everyone knows how much I adore plaid) and I loved the colours in the plaid.  I bought it in Spring when it was still cold, with the intention of wearing it in the Summer.  When Summer came, I started hemming and hawing about the jumper dress.  The fabric seemed rather flimsy and I was doubtful that I would like the dress on.  Several times I put the dress on the charity bin pile and just as many times I pulled it out of the pile and put it back in my closet.  I am not sure that I have reached any sort of definite decision about the jumper dress ... other than to say that I wasn't averse enough to it today to not wear it.  You would think that, as this store is hit and miss for me, I would have long ago given up shopping at it.  I guess because the store is not all misses, but has given me some hits, I can't seem to take it off my list of stores that I regularly visit.  To prove my point, I stopped by this store on my way home after work today.  Sure enough, there was this lovely navy shirt dress -- quite girl scout uniform looking (I confess to liking some uniforms) -- made of this medium weight twill fabric that I just couldn't resist.  That the store has very affordable clothing also doesn't help me stay out of it!

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