Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lemon Layer Cake Dress

I feel like some sort of celebration is in order now that I have reached the end of my stash of hot weather appropriate yellow, orange and cream clothing.  What would be a way to celebrate?  Surely the purchase of some new Fall clothing!  I will start looking immediately.  It will have to be something special, of course.  Something that I don't already have, of course.  Something affordable, of course.  No, wait, I have a better idea!  Something that is more of a challenge than finding the perfect piece of new Fall clothing.  Finding a neutral version of my yellow bag.  I have come to adore it, more than I ever thought I would when I first got it years ago.  Yes, that's the perfect way to celebrate the end of my yellow, orange and cream obsession.  I love a good wardrobe challenge!

P.S.  A little snag in my Dear Creatures shopping adventure.  I am hoping to have it cleared up tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.  I am really anxious to tear into the yet to be delivered package.

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