Monday, August 22, 2011

Fields of Wildflowers Sweater

I am simply shameless.  At the first sign of a significant drop in temperature, I pull out the beret (granted a cotton knit one not a wool one) and one of my favourite scarves.  And this is not to mention the light wool sweater that I yanked out of my drawers ... and the light wool jacket.  Oh, and the new Fall/Winter Fluevogs that somehow managed to find their way from their box and onto my feet.  The temperature didn't stayed dropped for too long, however.  By midday, the scarf and jacket were history.  But not the sweater, Fluevogs or beret.  I must say that, having returned to the beret, I really missed it.  Tomorrow is supposed to bring with it a return to Summer weather.  And, that's just fine.  Because today was a perfect and beautiful pre-Fall day.

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