Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Colonel Mustard, In The Library, With A Candlestick ... Dress

So I managed to come up with a fourth outfit for this work week -- the outfit that I wore today.  I know, you are thinking, "Isn't tomorrow the day that she was supposed to have run out of planned outfits for the work week?  Isn't tomorrow supposed to be the day for which she needed to come up with an outfit?  So what happened to today's planned out?"  Well, as uninteresting as it may be, I will tell you what happened:  The outfit that I was supposed to have worn today I put off wearing to tomorrow, for no reason other than I thought it wouldn't be appropriate for today's weather.  Hence why a needed that fourth outfit today.  That said, if the weather tomorrow proves to be like the weather today, I might be in a crisis situation (unless all of a sudden what was not appropriate today turns out to be appropriate tomorrow).  Oh, the trials and tribulations of getting dressed!

I am wearing a dress and jacket from H&M.  My chelsea boots are Fluevogs.

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