Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lonely Planet Dress

I have heard that Fall is the fashionista's favourite time of year and I think I may know why.  The temperature is cool enough to allow for layering clothes, which gives the fashionista an opportunity to be creative, but not so cold that everything has to be hidden under a huge parka (and layering becomes about survival not creativity, just piling it on to keep warm) .  Also, the ground is usually dry, so a variety of good shoes can be worn (including sandals, with socks, of course), without fear of ruin, unlike in Winter when anything other than Sorels (or Bean boots) wouldn't stand a chance.  Summer is just too hot for creativity.  While it's nice to pull on nothing more than a dress, the opportunity there for creativity is quite limited.  And Spring, well, sometimes there is room for creativity -- when the weather approximates something you would see in Fall -- but these opportunties are too few and far between to really satisfy.  Or, maybe, this is why Fall is my (me definitely being no fashionista) favourite time of year, from a wardrobe point of view.  All you fashionistas out there:  perhaps you could explain to me why Fall is your favourite time of year (or so I hear).

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