Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sleuthing Jacket (In Brown)

I bought this jacket a week or so ago at the Gap during a "Buy Two, Get One Free" event.  Falling off the wagon, so to speak (you may recall that I have been trying to break my habit of buying one in every colour), I also bought the navy version of the jacket.  Having just worn the jacket for a day, I think that I am going to love it, which means that you are probably going to be seeing a lot of it.  While I am on the topic of jackets, today, I observed that I seem to have come to like wearing jackets, even come to prefer wearing jackets to wearing cardigans.  It used to be that I associated wearing a jacket with attending some formal "business event".  I used to avoid jackets whenever I could, opting for cardigans if I needed something to keep me warm.  I no longer think of jackets as formal business attire and I no longer avoid them.  Maybe this is because I have discovered jackets that aren't stuffy.  Or, maybe, this is just an age thing (which could mean many things, including that I am no longer uncomfortable being my age and that I have lived enough years out of school to no longer associate jackets with going to school).  All I can say is that jackets seem to be a new personal trend.  (I do wonder, however, whether it will be a personal trend limited to warm times of the year.  Jackets are not the most comfortable pieces of clothing to wear under coats.)

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