Monday, August 1, 2011

Up, Down And Across Sweater Vest

I know I said that I wouldn't post my unremarkable, casual, running errands or chilling at home outfits, but I just had to post today's chilling at home outfit to showcase the up, down and across sweater vest.  I love how the vest has both horizontal and vertical stripes.  I will try to incorporate it into a more remarkable outfit towards the end of Summer.  I already have a few ideas, involving my belladonna skirts from Madewell, hence my having to wait until the end of Summer, when it will be cool enough for the long belladonna skirts.  In the meantime, now that it's August, I can enjoy browsing the earliest of the Fall collections that are making their way into online shops (saw the LLBean Signature one today -- some nice things there).  Welcome to August!

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