Tuesday, January 29, 2013

embracing the cold puffer vest

the look:

dress - old lands end canvas
cardi - jacob
woollen cardi - old jcrew
hand warmers - old h&m
puffer vest - h&m
trousers - hue
hat - old roots
boots - old llbean

the tale:

what goes around comes around. or is it the other way around? that what comes around goes around? i have never been very good at remembering cliches. i have now forgotten how the cliche relates to a clothes story. oh yes! that i don't seem to ever get away from a particular style of dressing. i may think that i do, but, really, i don't. it just goes away for a while ... giving me a bit of a break from it ... then it comes back. what goes around comes around. of course, i may be using the cliche in the wrong way. even when i remember a cliche, i don't always use it properly.

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