Friday, February 1, 2013

icy blue puffer vest

maybe the following is true about everything and everyone and not just about clothes and those who are into clothes: if an individual likes something, if they can, won't they go out and get as much of the thing as they can? i like puffer vests. and, if i could, i would have as many as i could find. this autumn and winter have been great for puffer vests. so far, i have managed to find three that i like to add to my collection. another thing that i like: these hue trousers. i probably have one pair in each colour in the rainbow and one pair in each "neutral" colour. the other day, there was a sale on them at a big department store in my home city. i added a few (okay, several) pairs to my existing collection. if i like something, i definitely go out and get as much of the thing as i can (if i can).

i am wearing an old little plaid dress from lands end canvas with an old petticoat from american apparel underneath. a cotton knit cardi from jacob, an old woollen cardi from jcrew and a puffer vest from h&m keep me toasty. my hands are warmed by old hand warmers from h&m. an old roots hat sits atop my head. on my feet are old socks and boots from llbean.

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