Thursday, January 3, 2013

hot cocoa jacket

the look:

shirt - old salt valley (uo)
tie and skirt - old h&m
knit vest - random label
jacket - old gap
puffer vest - old jcrew
trousers - hue
hat - old lillie and cohoe
boots - old llbean

the tale:

i thought that i would take a bit of a break from the monotonous clothing routine that i have adopted of late.  you know the one: one of three plaid button-up dresses that i own from lands end canvas, the blue knit vest (that random label one), skinny trousers (those hue ones), some cardi and the gold (christmas ball ornament) puffer vest (from jcrew). not a radical break though. i certainly wouldn't want to shock. (although i had wanted to shock with some heeled hiking boots. but, wouldn't you know it, no sooner did i decide to wear those boots than a snow storm blew into town, making the wearing of those boots impractical. i am nothing if not practical when it comes to footwear. safety first and foremost. always.) anyways, tomorrow, i will return to the monotonous clothing routine. i promise.

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