Tuesday, January 1, 2013

festive dress

the look:

dress - old lands end canvas
knit vest - random label
cardi - zara
puffer vest - old jcrew
trousers - hue
hat - old lillie and cohoe
boots - old llbean

the tale:

this is probably the most festive dress that i own (for this time of year). i don't usually embrace the wearing of green and red for christmas, but, this year, i did, for this combination of green and red is what i donned on christmas day. (perhaps the blue and gold neutralize the effect a bit? or does the gold just look like a gold ball ornament on a christmas tree?). in other news: you have probably noticed that i can't seem to exorcise that jcrew girl (which isn't to say that i believe that she is evil and needs to be gotten rid of). if you don't already think that i have gotten boring in my dress -- and, by "boring", i mean predictable -- just hang on. i am about to become incredibly boring/predictable. i wish that a picture could reveal just how cosy this combination of skinny trousers, dress, layers of knits and puffer vest is in what is a cold (but probably not as cold as its going to get) winter. (really, if i need this much layering now to stay warm, what will i need come the next few weeks, when winter is usually at its worst!)

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