Tuesday, January 22, 2013

cavalry pants

the look:

shirt - old gap
tie - old uo
suede vest, scarf and gloves - old h&m
trousers - lands end
jacket and puffer vest - old jcrew
duffle coat - old old navy
hat - old lillie and cohoe
boots - old john fluevog

the tale:

as with those little plaid dresses from lands end canvas, i bought these cavalry pants the first season i went shopping at lands end (which was the autumn before the winter when i first started shopping at lands end canvas and bought the little plaid dresses). and, as happened with lands end canvas after the purchase of the little plaid dresses, after the purchase of the cavalry pants from lands end, the merchandise at lands end ceased to entice me. so that there is no misunderstanding, this phenomenon of buying something from a shop and then having the shop lose me isn't restricted to lands end canvas and lands end. it happened with jcrew, llbean, llbean signature, eddie bauer, the gap, banana republic and zara, to name a few "stores". and, so that there is no further misunderstanding, that a shop has lost me has yet to lead me to lose hope and give up on the shop. i still hold out hope that each and every shop that has lost me will one day recapture me. sigh. being a consumer is tough. (p.s. the jcrew girl is really pressing her case these days. or, maybe, it's those tear sheets from many moons ago!)

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