Friday, January 4, 2013

flannel haul plaid shirt

the look:

shirt - old salt valley (uo)
knit vest - random label
pullover - old gap
puffer vest - old jcrew
tie and skirt - old h&m
trousers - hue
hat - old lillie and cohoe
boots - old llbean

the tale:

for all that i don't do any bargain hunting on boxing day, i do hunt for bargains after boxing day, when i feel that bargain hunting has settled down and the crowds are more tolerable. so what bargains have i scored? three awesome (at least in my opinion) cardis from anthropologie (two of which i had wanted way back in september but they weren't available in my size at the anthropologie near me at that time -- they must have brought some in from somewhere for the end of season sale); two pairs of marsells (a pair of black oxfords and a pair of blue suede boots); four pairs of hue trousers; and three plaid shirts (what the shop clerk called my "flannel haul" at check out -- to pay for which i think i had to wait about half a hour in line -- but two of them only cost me five bucks (regular price of fifty bucks) -- so i think that the haul was worth the wait). some stores, however, have proven to be a disappointment (zara being a good example -- usually i can score some pretty good sweaters at good prices there, but not this year). i think i am pretty much done with bargain hunting for this year. but, when it comes to clothes, i am not sure that i can be taken at my word (after all, yesterday, i did promise that i would return to my monotonous clothing routine and, as can be seen, i did not keep that promise. but i blame orla kiely's 2012 a/w collection for this, which inspired me to try yesterday's "base" outfit with a short-sleeved pullover, and my re-discovering the short-sleeved pullover -- i love it when i find a new use for an old piece of clothing, especially when that old piece of clothing may not have seen a lot of wear when it was new).

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