Sunday, January 13, 2013

northern exposure boots

the look:

dress - old lands end canvas
petticoat - old american apparel
cardi - jacob
wool cardi - old preloved
belt - old h&m
trousers - hue
boots - old john fluevog

the tale:

there was a bit of a thaw today. while the sidewalks were wet, they weren't slushy or snowy ... for the most part. so duck boots weren't required. but thick rubber soled boots still seemed to make sense, in the event i ran into any slushy or snowy patches. i don't have many pairs of thick rubber soled boots, but, this winter, i am determined to give each and every pair that i do have a turn outdoors. (these thick rubber soled boots have a western flavour. i have called them the "northern exposure boots" because, finding myself with time on my hands lately, i have been (re)watching the tv show "northern exposure" and it has inspired me to go a little western.)

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