Wednesday, January 2, 2013

the more the merrier trousers

the look:

dress - old lands end canvas
knit vest - random label
cardi and puffer vest - old jcrew
petticoat - old american apparel
trousers - hue
hat - old lillie and cohoe
boots - old llbean

the tale:

this is what i wore on boxing day: same festive dress that i wore on christmas day (with all its red and green) but with a red cardi and red trousers (instead of with a green cardi and green trousers). simply continuing all the merriment from the day before. i went out to pick up breakfast on boxing day. the streets were quiet, but the cafe where i went was busy, with patrons toting quite a few shopping bags, indicating that, while i may have elected not to partake (yet another year) in boxing day sales, many were still out on the hunt for a bargain. i will admit to some internet browsing, but nothing caught my eye enough to make me press that little "add to shopping cart" button and recall my credit card number. i sincerely hope that all those who shopped found what they wanted. i went home with freshly baked banana muffins and earl grey tea. i found what i wanted.

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