Thursday, September 15, 2011

Warm Oatmeal On A Chilly Morning Dress

A couple of days ago, I was visiting one of the virtual places that I occasionally visit when I was assaulted by images of Spring fashion circa 2012.  I hit the back button on my computer very, very fast.  Fall is my favourite season.  When I am just entering it, the last thing that I want is to spend any amount of Fall time thinking about any other season.  Certain virtual places might have to be declared off limits for the next couple of weeks while the fashion world traverses the various fashion weeks (showing Spring 2012 collections) occurring in the world.

Okay.  Enough about Spring.  Back to thoughts of warm, cosy things on chilly Fall mornings.  Like the last of my jumper dresses, the oatmeal coloured one, and the versatile grey sweater (which, by the way, I managed to hunt down in black today -- yay!) that I wore today.  If you look closely, you will notice that, today, I wore, not only a sweater, but also a jacket (and a scarf).  Yes, Fall has definitely arrived, so warm, cosy things are definitely called for.

I am wearing an old Gap shirt with an old Urban Outfitters tie and an old jumper dress.  My jacket is from Anthropologie and my versatile sweater is from Jacob.  An old JCrew scarf is wrapped around my neck and a cotton knit beret from American Apparel covers my head.  Fluevogs are on my feet and I am carrying an old souvenir bag.

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