Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Polished Red Apple Jumper Dress

I know I said that I wasn't going to wear another variation of the outfit that I wore all this week, at least not until next week, but I just couldn't help myself yesterday morning.  I think that I have become accustomed to being lazy where getting dressed is concerned.  At least I didn't wear the same grey jacket and the favourite grey gingham scarf!  On another note, I was in my dining room yesterday morning and my eye landed on a vintage LU biscuits ad poster.  You might know it:  The one that shows a child dressed in a cape, beret and boots, carrying a basket and munching on a biscuit.  The moment I saw it I thought, "Is that what has been inspiring my clothing choices of late?"

I am wearing an old Gap shirt with an old Gap tie, a jumper dress from a local international arts and crafts shop and the versatile sweater from Jacob.  Fluevogs are on my feet, a cotton knit beret is on my head and I am carrying an old souvenir bag.

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