Friday, September 30, 2011

Red Roses Shawl Collar Boyfriend Cardigan

On Monday, I made a trip to the shop where, some years ago, I purchased the long grey linen dress that I wore yesterday.  I was hoping that the shop would have something similar to that dress but more appropriate for Winter.  Nothing really caught my eye, nothing, that is, except for a purple coat.  It was hot on Monday, so I wasn't in the mood for trying on a coat.  I also thought that the coat might be too big for me.  So I left the shop.  Unfortunately, as the week went on, I couldn't get the coat out of my mind and I started coveting it.  (You would have thought that, by now, I would have learned to try on everything that catches my eye the moment it catches my eye, to prevent it from lingering in my mind, and becoming something other than what it is.)  So, today, I went back to the shop to try the coat on.  Well, wouldn't you know it, the coat wasn't there anymore.  There was another purple coat there, but it didn't look like the one that I saw.  I started wondering whether I really saw the purple coat that I thought I saw.  Maybe what I saw on Monday was the purple coat that was there on Friday.  Maybe I didn't get a good look at it on Monday and thought it was something else.  In other words, maybe the coat that I started coveting during the week never really existed.  Whatever.  The bottom line is:  I don't have a new purple coat.

I am wearing an old Mexx shirt with an old Gap tie, a jumper dress from a local arts and crafts import shop and an old Preloved wool cardigan.  An old linen/wool blend scarf keeps my neck warm and an old Nine West cloche hat sits atop my head.  I am wearing old Fluevogs on my feet.  I am carrying an old Roots cotton canvas satchel.  

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