Saturday, September 24, 2011

Again With The Red Jumper Dress Dress

First of all, my apologies.  I was so happy with the brown and red pairing of yesterday that I couldn't help but try it again.  Okay, that said, here is something that happened to me today.  I went to Urban Outfitters.  You may know of its Urban Renewal line.  Sometimes it is straight thrift.  Sometimes it is thrift reworked.  Anyways, there I was in Urban Outfitters, working my way through the Urban Renewal rack.  Among the first things I saw was an oversized heavy weight cable knit sweater in olive green that had been cropped.  I paused when I reached it, but after a few moments of consideration, I discounted it and moved on.  Almost immediately, someone else's hands landed on the oversized heavy weight cable knit sweater in olive green, and almost immediately that that someone else showed interest in the sweater, I regretted passing it by and wanted it.  The someone else tried the sweater on.  I hovered nearby and prayed that she wouldn't like it and would put it back on the rack.  I had to wait several minutes, but, eventually, my prayers were answered.  (The sweater is now mine.)  Just as I started to tell this story, I recalled the last time that what happened today happened before.  It was exactly one year ago today, at The Clothing Show.  Now is that some coincidence or what?

I am wearing an old Gap shirt with an old cotton knit tie (originally from Urban Outfitters), a jumper dress from a local arts and crafts import shop and an old H&M sweater.  My boots are old Fluevogs.  I have a cotton knit beret on my head and I am carrying an old cotton canvas souvenir satchel.

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