Tuesday, August 14, 2012

shades of brown (plaid) shirt

the look:

shirt - uo
tie - old h&m
jacket - anthropologie
jumper dress - from a local arts and crafts import shop
cap - old
boots - john fluevog

the tale:

i almost, almost, left the house without a tie this morning. but i didn't. phew. if you look closely at yesterday's outfit, you will note that it didn't include a tie. (yes, i know, "tie" isn't listed in the description of "the look". so, you are wondering, why would you have to look closely at the outfit to realize that it didn't include a tie? good question! i don't suppose it would help if i said i don't always list items that are included in my outfit if the items aren't visible. no? okay, i give.)  anyways ... getting back to the discussion at hand ... i didn't wear a tie yesterday because i didn't think that it would be visible and, thinking that, i let laziness take over. why bother with a tie if it can't be seen? lame excuse? you are right. it is what it is. but i wore a tie today!

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