Tuesday, August 7, 2012

a cyclin' we will go gaucho pants

the look:

top - old gap
gaucho pants - old nyc
jacket - old anthropologie
cap - old
oxfords - old cydwoq

the tale:

the other day, i tried on these gaucho pants with another top. i thought that the top would work perfectly with the pants. much to my surprise, i wasn't all that pleased with the combination. for some reason, though, i can't let the combination go. what i want is for that combination to please me as much as this combination. but sometimes things just don't work out. i need to learn to let go. there is so much more clothing in my wardrobe to play with. why do i have to hang on to outfits that don't work for me? but, then again, "they" say that one learns from one's mistakes.

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