Thursday, August 23, 2012

a pinch of chartreuse plaid shirt

the look:

shirt - uo
dress - old, from a local arts and crafts import shop
jacket - kaliyana
cap - old
boots - john fluevog

the tale:

earlier in the week, i told someone that i would be wearing a colourful outfit today: a chartreuse jumper dress, a green and blue plaid shirt and a striped chartreuse and turquoise jacket. i kind of laid low all day today, because, as you can see (or, rather, as you can't see), the only chartreuse in what i wore today might be found in the plaid shirt (and that would be stretching it ... it is probably yellow that is in the shirt not chartreuse ... and very little of it at that ... and not even perceptible in a photo). i didn't want to be called on my statement ... of wearing chartreuse today. i honestly tried to wear some bits of that colourful outfit. but i think that i am still recovering from the migraine that hit me earlier in the week. (remember: colourful outfits hurt.) i still want subdued, non-painful, outfits.

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