Friday, August 17, 2012

friday's dress

the look:

tshirt and cardi - old gap
jumper dress - old lands end
cap - old
boots - old, from an army surplus store

the tale:

it seems fitting (ha ha -- sorry, i couldn't resist) that i end this work week of wearing "my" uniform by wearing a piece of clothing -- the jumper dress, of course -- that may very well be a "true" uniform (or part of a "true" uniform). i have been wearing some combination of plaid skirt or jumper dress, tshirt and heavy cardi for many, many years. (saying this makes me think that i should give it up -- you know, the "age thing" kicking in -- but i just can't. at least not yet.) wearing this outfit is, for me, like wearing jeans and a tshirt is for most other people. uber comfort. so how can i give it up?

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