Tuesday, August 21, 2012

a little bit western shirt

the look:

shirt - uo
jumper dress - kaliyana
tie and jacket - old gap
cap - old
shoes - john fluevog

the tale:

when i wake up with a migraine, i can't put on an outfit that has any colour in it (unless it is so dark as to almost be indistinguishable from black -- dark navy, for example). even though i don't spend any day looking (directly or indirectly) at the outfit that i happen to be wearing that day, in my mind, i have this idea that, if i wear colour on a day when i have a migraine, the brightness of the outfit will hurt me. this morning, i woke up with a migraine, and all i wanted was to drape myself in soothing black clothing. i put aside all planned outfits (all involved colour) and pulled out this long, black jumper dress. instantly i put it on, i felt its calming effects.

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