Monday, August 27, 2012

oatmeal jumper dress and black jacket

the look:

shirt - uo
tie - old gap
jumper dress - old, from a local arts and crafts import shop
jacket - kaliyana
cap - old
shoes - john fluevog

the tale:

it isn't so much that i am tired of summer. it's that i am tired of the heat and humidity of this summer. i always want a summer that is just hot enough, but not hotter than that, and a summer with zero humidity. for about a week, ending last wednesday, it was that kind of summer, for the first time this summer. i was happy. then, it got hotter and the humidity set in. the summer that has been the bulk of this summer. and it is persisting. i am less happy. but as my favourite saying of late goes: it is what it is. and i am giving myself lots of distractions to deal with my less than happy state. for example, i feel some exciting shopping coming up. i just learned of the wearable arts show, which takes place at the end of september. how did i not know about this (distraction) before? another example: trying on one of my favourite pullovers (the split back black one) with this outfit (sans jacket, of course). yet another example: wearing all varieties of swordfish footwear -- by far my all-time favourite fluevogs since i was inducted into the fluevog cult many, many moons ago -- i still remember the reaction of the unknown guy who, as i stepped off the subway, caught sight of my first pair of swordfish shoes and remarked, "hey, cool shoes!"

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