Friday, August 10, 2012

blue plaid jumper dress

the look:

tshirt - old old navy
jumper dress - old lands end
cardi - old gap
cap - old
boots - old, from an army surplus store

the tale:

i may have mentioned that two or three days during the work week i rise early to practise yoga before work. while it is difficult to rise early, particularly when the days are short on daylight, i always feel good after yoga practice and am glad that i did rise early. that said, the result of rising early two or three days during the work week is that by thursday evening, i am physically exhausted. it is not unusual for me to just conk out on the sofa in the early evening. this practice of conking out on the sofa, while not distressing to me in and of itself, makes for a flustered friday morning, in terms of putting an outfit together, unless an outfit was planned out in advance -- a flustered morning is somewhat distressing to me. usually a last minute outfit is either an old favourite (low on the distress meter) or something new that i come to regret by day's end (high on the distress meter). there was no outfit planned out in advance of this morning. hence my thrown together outfit: a very old favourite.

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