Friday, October 28, 2011

Summer Flowers Peeking Out From Under Fall Leaves Jumper Dress

I really wasn't expecting to come across the fluorescent satchels today.  In fact, I really wasn't expecting to be in the store in which I came across the fluorescent satchels.  But there I was and there they were.  I was riveted by them.  They were what I have wanted since about mid August.  The most difficult part was choosing one of the four fluorescent colours.  Two I ruled out right away: pink and yellow.  That left orange and green.  I won't say which colour I ended up going with.  I would rather show it.  The bag definitely won't be missed when it finally puts in an appearance.

I am wearing an old Gap shirt with an old Gap tie, a floral flouncy tiered jumper dress from the Gap, an old JCrew jacket, an old H&M coat, an old wool/silk blend scarf and a hat and fingerless mitts from H&M.  My winklepicker chukkas are Fluevogs.  I am carrying a bag from H&M.

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