Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Large-ish Frame Bag

Yes, yesterday's outfit inspired today's outfit.  The only thing was that I didn't want to carry one of my cotton canvas satchels.  I wanted to dress the outfit up a little.  The problem was I couldn't immediately think of which of my many bags would suit the outfit (at least in my mind).  I tried one bag, but it was too small.  While experimenting with that small bag, I spotted the large-ish frame bag.  Perfect!  I love when things work out ... and, in the morning, before work, when things work out quickly!

I am wearing an old Urban Renewal blouse with an old Gap tie, a sweater dress from H&M, an old jacket (originally from Anthropologie), an old Kensie coat, an old JCrew scarf and an old Nine West cloche hat. My boots are Fluevogs and my large-ish frame bag is from H&M.


Anonymous said...

drool, drool, one again you've nailed it, I've been looking for some time for a sweater dress like this one, looking more like sweater, a tent dress, and now you're wearing it. and a big frame bag, oooooooh, and the combo of all the colors and shapes. Lady, if you ever get tired of your closet and I'd gladly inherit you, xoxo

wardrobetales said...

IZ: Once again, thank you! Your comments always make me smile and cheer me up! ;)